Use Your Talents
Use Your Talents

Nicolas’ Story

Nicolas is a carpenter in Ambodihara Vondrozo Madagasikara. He did two years study at the technical school as metallic pearl. When he couldn’t continue his study, he used his talents.

As a carpenter he made a simple table, chair, simple bed, but while carrying out this task, he sought need to increase his talent by combining various types of steel bicycles as tools to improve his system.

Nicolas was return the challenge and have now access to a lathe machine made by himself as a result of his effort to increase his talent.

Door, armor and many other furniture is now made in his workshop that results from Nicolas’s talent. Now he is responsible for all bench tables for all schools around.

This special machine based on his personal research show that he is talented and he use it and  developed it. The most striking reason from this young man is his independent effort to build a business plan that he uses and increases with his talent. He uses woods and irons that he has at hand and performs a amazing and helpful material.

Family impact

Nicolas is married an have 2 children (5 year old and 2 years old). But we can see from that experience, the economic situation of the family depends on the family abilities to use their talents that God has given to. The life of Nicolas’s family is growing rapidly and it affects also people around him just because he open jobs for them.

Many orders is now open for him and the production doesn’t follow. He ask 2 friends to join his work and that means that 3 family are now provided. People who live in Vondrozo don’t need to import furniture in Antananarivo or Farafangana (the near big town) because Nicolas wood workshop is enough to provide needs.


Nicolas has a friend called Besoa who has talent in painting.  That man is also a member of the church choir. Besoa’s business needs frame, so he go to Nicolas for that and collaboration between them are now started.

According to this, it’s seems here that family are fully beneficiary and his young friend have business too according to his talent.
Talents users can help and support each other.

UYT Impact in his Church

His Father is a Pastor retired. So he has been raised in a Christian Family. Nicolas’s wife is member of the women association. And the association had sewing training. She learns sewing and able now to sew cloths to his family and neighbor. Lutheran Church in Vondrozo made an axtension wich Nicolas and colleague were responsible of  the door and also in charge of the 25 benches.

Nicolas and his wife are both member of the Church choir. And at the time that we left Vondrozo to this Annual Workshop. They plan to go to the national Young meeting in Toliara which is very far away from Vondrozo. But this family was blessed through their talents and can easily joined the big meeting and help their friend.

Young association night show

They can fulfill their duties in the church and his association. When Christian know how to use and developed his talent they can after help and support the church by the talents that God has given.

Christian families who use their talents and developed them advancing their families and make beneficial to their fellowmen and providing support and development to both the nation and the church. As Christians, the ability to use talents, either for themselves or for the evangelical works is so important for Christians daily life. It must be well-understood that the ability of using talent and developing starting from the family is a kind of fear of God and the honor of His name.