Use Your Talents
Use Your Talents

Charline’s Story

Mrs. Charline RAZANAMAMPIONONA, raised four children and an orphaned grandchild. His wife is mechanic retired and receives every 3 months his retirement. So in order to complete their livelihood need, they used their crafts talent.

Recycled plastic are their raw material, to be transformed into bags, hats, shawls, pockets, tapes, ornaments, etc.

Charline is a deacon, a development coordinator and the president of women association in his Church. She ask the women association members and his neighbors to collect the used plastic bags. By the way, she also contribute to the environmental protection and was elected as president of BAOBAB association (artisan association). This association and his productions has been labeled by the ministry of the environment and an environmentalists organism agencies in Toulouse France. The products are sold at the showroom of the Office of Tourism cause of their excellent collaboration, they are also planning to export the crafts produces to La Réunion island.

Talent sharing

Charline didn’t keep her talent for herself but shares it also to the member of her church and neighbors. Mrs Charline teaches plastic craft every Tuesday evening during 7 months. As a result, it was not only the life of Mr Charline’s family who get positive impact but also all those who have drawn knowledge and collaboration within hand craft.

Achieved result

Since Mr Charline’s work has been done, they have produced up to 3,000 plastics craft. 10 families benefits in plastics hand crafts by using their talents. Specially For Charline, he could buy land and plan to build a house there.